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We carry many different styles of miner helmets. You can mix and match to make up the required 3 dozen special deal. Zebra stripes, Tiger stripes, Giraffe, Snake, blue, pink, yellow, red, white and camo. There's a US flag helmet too! ALL helmets come with a lamp and batteries at no extra cost to you!

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Call us right now and get this amazing price on our miner helmets! Same Day shipping if you order helmets before 1:00pm CST.
Call us at 800-325-0889. Our customer service reps are ready to take your order! Don't miss out on this amazing price!

Custom Decals

Want to add your logo and/or attraction name to our helmets? Great! We can get that done for you right from our warehouse. We can create custom decals for your helmets and add them to your helmets or you can add them to your helmets. Call us and ask our reps for special pricing on custom decals for your miner helmets.


We have 12dz helmets at a reduced price of $5.50 a helmet!

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Our Catalogs can be found on our website when you head over to order your toy miner helmets.

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Miner helmets go for $6.75 a piece for one dozen to 12dz so this is a perfect opportunity to get a great deal this month on Toy Souvenir Miner Helmets.


This sale is until the end of the month only!

If you don't have room to store your helmet order today, we can ship them to you on a specific date. Just let us know when you order, your perfect delivery date.

Need custom imprinting on your helmets? No problem! When you phone us, just ask about custom Toy Miner Helmets for your attraction.
Add a logo or your attraction name. Maybe you want your city or state on the helmets. No problem, we can help you
create custom helmets that no one else carries in their gift shops. Call 800-325-0889 today and order your helmets!

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Toy Miner's Helmets Toy Miner's Helmets Toy Miner's Helmets Drinking Helmet

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